Kate Brooks

My name is Kate Brooks. I was an apprentice in Darwin after relocating from Adelaide for a new adventure with my best friend, who was also a jockey in the NT.

Sadly on 22nd April 2017, I parted company with my mount Swingitlikesayers when he fractured a leg and fell near the winning post. I was knocked unconscious and placed in a coma for 5 days. After 2 weeks in ICU, I moved to a rehab centre, and after a month in rehab, I could move home to my parent’s house.

During this time, the NJT was absolutely amazing. From the support, Kevin Ring gave my mum and to keep others updated on my progress.

They made the move from Darwin to Adelaide so much easier for my mum. They helped pay a bill that became due while I was in the hospital to fixing up my rental agreement I had on a unit at the time. As well as one of the most important things to organise all my belongings/car/and cats to be bought back on transport by a very generous owner of a horse I had ridden offered to do.

All this was a massive weight off my family’s shoulders as they spent day and night at the hospital with me. They also very generously gave some money to my mum for the time off work she needed to take to look after me. The support didn’t stop there. As I had a career-ending injury, the NJT gave me a sum of money to keep me on my feet and get the medical aids I needed.

This was a fantastic help, and I could never thank the NJT and Kevin Ring enough for the help and support I have received since my accident. I never understood how important the NJT is in the support and help they give to injured jockeys. I hope no one ever needs their help, but sadly it is a risk we take to do what we love, and the NJT is a major part of the racing industry and greatly valued.