Michelle La Vars

Injury: Severe head injuries, broken collar bone, ribs and tragically a broken back with spinal damage leaving Michelle a paraplegic.

Treatment: 2 weeks in ICU, 8 weeks in Royal Adelaide Hospital before being able to move to the Hampstead rehabilitation hospital. After 11 months and 3 weeks, Michelle was able to go home.

"When I had my fall in 1992 the trust didn't exist and it was hard not to feel a little abandoned by the industry. There just wasn't anywhere for me to fit in but now with the trust I don't feel that way. I know they have my back and I'm remembered for what I gave to the racing industry. I'm extremely grateful to the Trust as they purchased for me a new wheel chair and attachment that takes a lot of stress from my arms and shoulders that I have had on-going problems with.

I am honoured to be an ambassador to the trust and will continue to help support it, to help fellow jockeys and their families as I know first-hand how devastating a bad race fall can change your life and of the high on going costs"