Lachlan Fyfe

When Lachlan was injured he received financial support from the National Jockeys Trust.

Lachlan Fyfe was a promising young apprentice to Graeme Rogerson at Randwick. He was riding winners in Sydney before the tragic event that all jockeys try not to think about happened. Lachlan was riding in barrier trials on the 15th December 2008 when his horse fell. Lachlan sustained serious injuries and was rushed to hospital. He remained in a coma until Christmas Day 2008. Lachlan has sustained permanent brain injuries as a result of the fall. His short term memory is permanently affected. Lachlan has lost strength, balance and co-ordination. Apart from losing a promising career he is unable to find permanent employment due to his injuries and permanent disability.

Lachlan has an amazing attitude considering the challenges he faces every day. As part of his rehabilitation he rode a gym bike for many hours to increase his fitness and co-ordination. Back in April 2010 he came up with the idea of completing a charity bike ride from Sydney to Queensland. Lachlan completed the 1,000km ride in a week on October 23 2010. The NJT assisted him with this initiative.