What Is The National Jockeys Trust?

Dedication and bravery are prerequisites of almost every sport, and these qualities are found in abundance in racing. Australian jockeys are elite athletes who, quite literally, place their lives on the line every time they compete in a race.

Sadly, serious injuries are a frequent occurrence, and more than 880 riders have lost their lives since Australian racing first began. While accident insurance has become an essential feature of racing, all too often there are cases where jockeys and/or their families still experience significant financial hardship.

Since 2004, the NJT has provided more than $4 million in assistance to more than 290 jockeys and the families of jockeys who have been lost.

  • Sadly, 890 Australian jockeys have been killed in race falls since 1847
  • More than 200 riders are injured each year on Australian racetracks
  • 500 race falls annually
  • 89% of jockeys will have a fall that requires medical assistance during their career
  • 9% of jockeys have fallen more than 20 times during their careers
  • Each year, 40% of jockeys will have a fall that will prevent them from riding for 5 weeks or more

At the National Jockeys Trust our goal is to relieve
financial hardship and provide jockeys and their
families with support.

How Can You Help?

Through the support and donations of others, we can help financially support jockeys and their families who require care and assistance.

We need the help of others to face this challenge and provide immediate and ongoing relief to all who qualify for support. Please donate today or get involved with our events and witness the difference your support can make.

The Trust has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as an income tax exempt charity and as a deductible gift recipient. In addition we are registered by the charitable organisations licensing agencies in all states and territories.

Our Sponsors

The National Jockeys Trust is proud to receive support from our valued
sponsors and many supporting partners throughout the racing industry.

Make A Donation

The National Jockeys Trust acknowledges John and Denise Cobcroft’s generous bequest.

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Make A Donation

The National Jockeys Trust acknowledges John and Denise Cobcroft’s generous bequest.